EGF Serum


Brand: DBH

EGF (lPidermal Growth Factor – epidermal growth factor) – is a very small protein extract naturally produced in the skin, plays a role in accelerating the growth, development and regeneration of the epidermis.

EGF speeds up the natural skin replacement process, whereby new cells will replace old cells damaged by ultraviolet rays and environmental factors, melanin (the greater the amount of melanin produced in the skin, the more skin darkening) thereby gradually being pushed out of the skin – reducing the amount of pigmentation in the skin, helping the skin become brighter.

EGF regulates enzymes responsible for breaking down components of the dermis to ensure new collagen replaces old collagen, accumulates and protects old collagen, stimulates cells to produce new collagen, elastin – increases water retention capacity for the skin, which increases the formation of smaller blood vessels that nourish the epidermis, which has an anti-aging effect (increases elasticity and reduces wrinkles), increases the number of cell layers that thicken the epidermis, supports aids in repairing the epidermis, healing of skin wounds and reducing the likelihood of scarring.

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