09/2023Grand Opening ANA THE SPA in Ho Chi Minh City
08/2023ANA Skincare rebrands, officially changes name to ANA THE SPA
10/2019Opening of the first ANA Skincare studio in Hanoi
2017 – 08/2019ANA Skincare pops up studio in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Prague, London, Hai Phong


With more than 20 years of experience in the dermatology industry, Dr. Jang has worked at many reputable cosmetic centers & hospitals in Seoul, South Korea. With her keen eyes and extensive expertise, her long career has been filled with research and the creations of safe, natural beauty formulas upgrade and enhance the most popular high-end products and services in the dermatology industry in Korea.


  • Representative director of ANA SKIN company.
  • Director of ANA TREND Co., Ltd.
  • Chief manager of Aura plastic surgery center in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Chief manager at Luce dermatology clinic in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Chief manager of Coco plastic surgery center in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Chief manager of Cosmedical company.
  • General Director of Skin Solution Company in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Skincare specialist for Yeonmijoo forum members in South Korea.
  • Make-up specialist for models, celebrities and motor show PGs.
  • Director of Jang Joun Geun Beauty.
  • Obtained the Oriental Medicine training certificate issued by Gudang Kim Namsu.
  • Owned by a Korean dermatologist license.


To ensure the quality standards of ANA Skincare, our specialists are required to undergo a training course that last at least for 6-12 months, regardless of prior experiences. During this time, they will be trained in depth in knowledge, our technology, and customer service skills to create a strong team of specialists that can each take on a customer as their expert throughout the journey at ANA skincare.

At first, the trainee will explore general knowledge about skin care and body health, which will serve as an important foundation for the next process. When learning about cosmetics, we need all specialists to always understand each ingredient, how to distinguish skin type, skin condition, thereby improving the ability of identifying the right product that tailors to each need and customer demand. In addition, they will need to learn ways to exploit information for consultation, including skin checking, lifestyle, health condition, priority for improvements of guests, the photo angles from customers that are necessary for online consulting, etc.

For care regimens, except for ANA treatment which can only be performed by Dr. Jang and ANA Master, that will start with the basics such as how to gentle interact with skin, taking care of their own hands, the accurate way to work with tools such as cotton pads, gauze, mousse and brush, living up ANA Skincare’s standards. Only after that, they will continue to directly practice with our treatment formulas.

All of our services are based on exclusive formulas transferred from Dr. Jang, performed entirely by hands, and use only quality products as prescribed by the doctor. Therefore, all of our trainees must always start from the beginning to ensure 100% the quality and standards that ANA Skincare has committed to Dr. Jang from the very beginning. As for body care services, in addition to the above knowledge and skills, they will also need to learn more about how to balance hand force and control the body while massaging for guests.