Dr. Renaud Re-educating is always the “top” product at ANA Skincare which our customers love & frequently re-purchase thanks to its ability of exceeding the basic features of clay masks. Within that, its most prominent functions are deep cleansing, regenerating skin cells and eliminating hidden acne. When combined with AHA – an already familiar component with similar functions, the duo will deliver a resonant value of skincare that deeply penetrates and absorb to rescue even the very severe cases of hidden action.

????????. ???????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????: Unlike many AHA-containing products on the market, the technology used in Dr. Renaud AHA Serum provides a gradual impact on each epidermal layer, which penetrates slowly through out the skin, allowing it to “get used to” this acid before achieving its highest performance. As a result, our skin will not be irritated for safety is ensured and guaranteed optimal performance on each skin layer . Moreover, this technology makes the product suitable for all skin types thanks to its flexibility in dosage, the speed of improvement will depend on the thinness & health.

????????. ???????????????????????? ????????-???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????: In addition to the formula that helps to optimize the basic functions of the clay mask such as deep cleansing, removing hidden acne, and skin regeneration, this product also provides the function of regulating the skin base, help to increase brightness, reduce irritation, sensitivity, redness, thereby enhancing stability and resistance of the skin.

– Tip 1: Use AHA Serum 1-2 times a day depending on skin condition and our specialist’s advice. During use, carefully observe skin improvement for proper dosage adjustment.

– Tip 2: Since the skin is in the process of regenerating and pushing hidden pimples, use sunscreen regularly (even when you’re not out) to ensure the necessary protection and progression of skin improvement.

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